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Learn French with Audio Books

Learn French with Audio Books

Learn French Free - Download Here:

Pimsleur Digital...
Dr. Paul Pimsleur
French Phase 1, Unit 1 contains 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and isolated vocabulary and structures.
Learn French Free - 30 Minutes Free French Language Course
» More Info and Download - Learn French Free

French - language of diplomats

There are a lot of good reasons to learn French. When people think of the French language, they often think of romance and high cuisine. But it is also the language of diplomacy. Whether you are planning a dream vacation to a French-speaking country or need to learn a new language to help advance your career, consider learning this lovely language. Many people learned rudimentary French in high school and could pick it up again using the many resources available online or through audio books like Pimsleur.

French is spoken all over the world:

Because of France's history of colonialism, French is spoken in countries all over the world. Throughout the Caribbean and the Bahamas, as well as all throughout Africa and parts of Canada you will find native French speakers. Many global organizations have adopted French as their official language. The International Red Cross, the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee all have adopted French and the worldwide postal service are just a few. If you are planning a dream cruise or intend to volunteer for an international aid agency, learning French is incredibly useful.

Learn French with the Pimsleur Method

One way that many find appealing is the Pimsleur method. This system was developed with the idea that people learn most naturally with their ears rather than traditional written formats. Instead of memorizing grammar, it is inferred through learning common sentence patterns and phrases. Students learn the most commonly used words that form a core vocabulary. This is an active learning style that uses random recall to associate words with their meanings. Students obtain about a seventy to eighty percent comprehension rate.

How learning French with audio books saves you time and speeds up your learning

Using audio books, you can learn French in your car on your way to work. This is a great opportunity to repeat the words aloud in order to really nail the accent without embarrassing yourself in front of others. When you learn French online using the myriad of systems available, you can go at your own pace and truly master each lesson before you move on. In no time you'll be able to haggle with the shopkeepers and order meals like a native speaker.

Get the French Feeling - Learn French!

Whether you want to learn to speak French for personal edification, for career advancement, or for more noble reasons, it is a beautiful language. Just listening to audio books on learning the language will make you feel more cultured and sophisticated. The Pimsleur method is tried and true, but there are plenty of other ways to learn French for free. With some daily practice you'll be ready for that vacation or promotion.

40-Minute French

Dr Blair's Express Lane: French

French in No Time!

Pimsleur French I Part 1
Pimsleur French I Part 2
Pimsleur French I Part 3

Pimsleur French I Complete Course

Pimsleur French II Complete Course

Pimsleur French III Complete Course

Pimsleur French I & II Complete Courses

Pimsleur French I, II, & III Complete Courses

By using the Search function in the top left corner you can find more language courses by Pimsleur available from this site.

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