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A Jewel of the Gods Adventure: The Amber Room Hunters Episodes 1-5 Sable Jak
Four adventurers search through the Amazonian jungle for stolen Nazi plunder... The Amber Room.
Proprietor Ovsyanikov Ivan Turgenev
The first major writing by Turgenev that gained him recognition. The stories in this collection were written based on Turgenev's own observations while hunting at his mother’s estate.
My Neighbour Radilov Ivan Turgenev
The first major writing by Turgenev that gained him recognition. The stories in this collection were written based on Turgenev's own observations while hunting at his mother’s estate.
Galton Case, The: A Lew Archer Mystery Ross Macdonald
Archer is hired to find a man who disappeared twenty years ago. What turns up is a headless skeleton, a heir, and a con game whose stakes are so high that someone is still willing to kill for them.
Pimsleur Digital Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 22 Dr. Paul Pimsleur
The Pimsleur® Method is scientifically proven to be your fastest route to near-native fluency. Speak and understand Vietnamese in just 30 minutes a day. Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 22 builds on material taught in prior units. It includes 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, new vocabulary, and new struct...
Girls with Games of Blood, The Alex Bledsoe
Vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski, staked in 1915 Wales, rises anew in 1975 Memphis, where he meets fresh dangers, including two mysterious vampire sisters who have nursed a lethal grudge since the Civil.
Episode 13 CRANKERS BIG DATE: The kids get Mayor Quigley to pose as a high powered investor.
Cassandra Clare Books on Audio

Cassandra Clare Audio Books

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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Arts & Drama on Audio
In this breathtaking sequel to City of Bones, Cassandra Clare lures her readers back into the dark grip of NY City's Downworld, where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation.
$ 23.99
Showing results 1 to 1 of 1 titles
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Cassandra Clare Audiobooks

Cassandra Clare has written a number of great books and novels. Click on any of the above listed books to get more information and to download one of Cassandra Clare's audiobooks. Cassandra Clare books are interesting, entertaining and always good for a few hours of relaxed reading and listening pleasure! More information about the author and his life, his biography and the list of all books and Cassandra Clare novels, as well as infos when and by which publisher they were published can be found here:

  Best Seller Audio Books
Seven: The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success
Jacqueline Leo
$ 13.99
6 hours 40 minutes
Media guru Jackie Leo explains how the number seven can improve the focus of your life in this fascinating exploration of the numeral's power and significance.
Lucky Streak
Carly Phillips
$ 24.99
9 hours
The Corwin curse continues…
Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The
John Le Carre
$ 20.75
3 hours
Simon Russell Beale stars in this BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of John le Carré’s novel, which introduced his most famous character, George Smiley.
Waiting for Columbus
Thomas Trofimuk
$ 19.99
9 hours 54 minutes
Part tragic love story and part mystery, Waiting for Columbus is a narrative puzzle with an international scope.
Crusade: Destroyermen, Book 2 (Unabridged)
Taylor Anderson
$ 27.99
16 hour 0 min
Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, along with the men and women of the USS Walker, have chosen sides in a war not of their making....
A Dawn Like Thunder: The True Story of Torpedo Squadron Eight (Unabridged)
Robert J. Mrazek
$ 27.99
15 hours and 29 min.
One of the great untold stories of WW II finally comes to light in this account of the members of Torpedo Squadron Eight and their heroic efforts in helping an outmatched U.S. fleet ....
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