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Once in, Never Out: A Detective Brian McKenna novel Dan Mahoney
A girl missing in New York. A political bombing in Iceland. No ordinary cop would see a connection. But NYPD Detective Brian McKenna is no ordinary cop.
We Few David Weber and John Ringo
Prince Roger must somehow retake the empire from the traitors who have murdered his brother, sister, niece and nephew, and who control his mother.
Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection Charles de Lint
Meet Jilly, painting wonders in the city streets; Geordie, playing fiddle while he dreams of a ghost; and the Angel of Grasso Street, gathering the fey and the lost.
Elizabeth Goudge Books on Audio

Elizabeth Goudge Audio Books

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Little White Horse, The (filmed as "The Secret of Moonacre") by Elizabeth Goudge
Kids Audio Books
It is 1842 and Maria Merryweather, a 13-year-old orphan is on her journey to the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There she finds herself in a crumbling house of secrets and mystery.
$ 17.49
Showing results 1 to 1 of 1 titles
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Elizabeth Goudge Audiobooks

Elizabeth Goudge has written a number of great books and novels. Click on any of the above listed books to get more information and to download one of Elizabeth Goudge's audiobooks. Elizabeth Goudge books are interesting, entertaining and always good for a few hours of relaxed reading and listening pleasure! More information about the author and his life, his biography and the list of all books and Elizabeth Goudge novels, as well as infos when and by which publisher they were published can be found here:

  Best Seller Audio Books
Leigh: A Novel
Lyn Cote
$ 15.49
8 hours
Linda Leigh Sinclair is born into the privilege of Ivy Manor, but her overwhelming desire for freedom for herself and others leads her into the modern civil-rights movement. Choosing the dangerous ...
All Shook Up: Music, Passion, and Politics
Carson Holloway
$ 13.49
6 hours 30 minutes
The national debate over popular music's effect on character is both furious and confused. Carson Holloway is out to shatter the assumptions of pop's critics and defenders alike, showing that music...
Man Who Smiled, The
Henning Mankell
$ 21.75
12 hours 30 minutes
After killing a man in the line of duty, a disillusioned Inspector Kurt Wallander has quit the police force. When an old acquaintance turns up dead, Wallander, against his better judgment, returns to work, and with the help of a rookie female detective, investigates what may now have become a...
Innocent, The
Harlan Coben
$ 12.99
6 hours 45 minutes
One slip was all it took to rob Matt of the life he had so well mapped out. A fight, a friend in trouble, a slippery pavement and the dull crack of someone's skull on the concrete cost him dearly...
Soul Enchilada (Unabridged)
David Macinnis Gill
$ 20.99
9 hours and 17 min.
Eunice Bug Smoot was 13 years old when her grandfather put her soul up as collateral on his dream car -- a classic 1958 Cadillac Biarritz. Now, five years later, Papa C is dead and buried....
Danse Macabre (Unabridged)
Stephen King
$ 20.99
18 hours and 10 min.
With the insight and good humor his fans appreciated in On Writing, Danse Macabre is an enjoyable entertaining tour through Stephen King's beloved world of horror....
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