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Trapped!: The Story of Floyd Collins Robert K. Murray and Roger W. Brucker
“The story of Floyd Collins’ entrapment in a Kentucky cave makes for chilling and exciting reading.”—Library Journal
Shiloh Renewal, The Joan Leslie Woodruff
Two teenage sisters are in an automobile accident a few miles from the Civil War battlefield at Shiloh. Penny, the older sister, is killed outright, while Sandy ends up in a coma, seeing visions of oddly dressed people speaking a strange form of English, on their way to die in the great battle...
Kids Sports Enhancement Series:  Winning the Mind Game - Long Distance Running Performance Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Kids enhance distance running by winning the mind game. Improve skills while managing emotions & thoughts. Plant positive images in the theater of the mind.
Star Trek: The Entropy Effect Vonda N. McIntyre
All of existence is closing in on itself, and only Spock can stop the Entropy Effect.
The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances Mark Millhone
Acerbic and hilarious but with heart, The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances will appeal to readers of David Sedaris and Nick Hornby.
Rufus Sewell - Narrator
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Woodlanders, The - Narrator Rufus Sewell
Fiction Audio Books / Classic Fiction
Grace Melbury, the only daughter of a timber-merchant, arrives home in Little Hintock after an expensive education and her father...
$ 10.49
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  Best Seller Audio Books
Lords of the North, The
Bernard Cornwell
$ 13.75
6 hours
‘The Lords of the North’ is a powerful story of betrayal, romance and struggle, set in an England of turmoil, upheaval and glory.
Ken Follett
$ 24.99
12 hours
EGYPT -- where, hidden deep in the desert, a top-secret project to build a nuclear plant that will give the Arabs the bomb nears completion...
Around the World in Eighty Days
Jules Verne
$ 15.49
7 hours
Phileas Fogg, a distinguished member of London's Reform Club, takes up a wager to circle the globe in just eighty days. Fogg makes a fantastic world tour utilizing every means of transportation ava...
Black as He's Painted
Ngaio Marsh
$ 15.49
8 hours 30 minutes
When the president of Ng'ombwana proposes to dispense with the usual security arrangements on an official visit to London, his old schoolmate, Chief Superintendent Alleyn, is called in to try to pe...
The Really Inconvenient Truths (Unabridged)
Iain Murray
$ 20.97
10 hours and 29 min.
Iain Murray's expose reveals how environmental blowhards actually do more to waste energy, endanger species, and kill people than those they finger....
The Virgin of Small Plains (Unabridged)
Nancy Pickard
$ 20.97
11 hours and 8 min.
On the night of the decade's worst blizzard, a local farm boy discovers the naked body of a beautiful young woman in the snow....
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