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Dialogues of Plato, The Plato (translated by Benjamin Jowett)
The Dialogues of Plato, written between 427 and 347 B.C., rank among the most important and influential works in Western thought.
Persuasive Selling and Power Negotiation: Develop Unstoppable Sales Skills and Close ANY Deal Made for Success
Become naturally persuasive and improve the quality of your life!
Persian Night, The: Iran from Khomeini to Ahmadinejad Amir Taheri
Amir Taheri dissects the regime that has hijacked a nation for global “holy war” against the United States, revealing Iran’s terror links, its nuclear capabilities, and how it can be defeated.
Life after Genius M. Ann Jacoby
Good Will Hunting meets Six Feet Under in this remarkable debut novel of a young genius haunted by his past and running away from his supposedly brilliant future.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A major motion picture to be released on Christmas Day 2009 will star Robert Downey, Jr., as Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law as Watson, and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, as the only woman to outwit Holmes.
Rufus Sewell - Narrator
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Woodlanders, The - Narrator Rufus Sewell
Fiction Audio Books / Classic Fiction
Grace Melbury, the only daughter of a timber-merchant, arrives home in Little Hintock after an expensive education and her father...
$ 10.49
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  Best Seller Audio Books
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
Mark Twain
$ 24.99
10 hours 34 minutes
This giant work, in addition to entertaining boys and girls for generations, has defined the first-person novel in America.
Fiona Range
Mary McGarry Morris
$ 24.99
13 hours 36 minutes
Fiona Range's troubles are ignited by a mix of the wrong men and a kind heart.
Mary W. Shelley
$ 24.99
8 hours 22 minutes
Original and classic story of the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein.
Greatest Player Who Never Lived, The
Michael Veron
$ 24.99
6 hours
The story of a man who was denied his rightful place in the lore of golf.
The Girl Who Married a Lion: And Other Tales from Africa (Unabridged)
Alexander McCall Smith
$ 23.53
3 hours and 52 min.
From animal fables to mysterious forces residing in the landscape, this collection demonstrates the wealth and variety of African folk tales, and the particular magic of Africa's spiritual roots....
The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable (Unabridged)
Terry Pratchett
$ 23.53
4 hours and 24 min.
The last hero in the world is going to return what the first hero stole. With a vengeance. That'll mean the end of world, if no one stops him in time....
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