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HOODIE! Anastas Varinos
The kids from the Colonial Radio Theatre star in their first short subject with "HOODIE" - a Freaky Fairy Tale telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Ken Jennings Books

Ken Jennings Audio Books

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Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks (Unabridged) by Ken Jennings

It comes as no surprise that, as a kid, Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings slept with a bulky Hammond world atlas by his pillow every night....
$ 27.99
Showing results 1 to 1 of 1 titles
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Ken Jennings Audiobooks

Ken Jennings has written a number of great books and novels. Click on any of the above listed books to get more information and to download one of Ken Jennings's audiobooks. Ken Jennings books are interesting, entertaining and always good for a few hours of relaxed reading and listening pleasure! More information about the author and his life, the complete Ken Jennings biography with the stations of his life, as well as the book list and Ken Jennings novels, plus infos when and by which publisher they were published can be found here:

Many audiobook listeners have reviewed and loved the latest book by Ken Jennings, we're sure you'll enjoy it too!
  Best Seller Audio Books
Absolute Truths
Susan Howatch
$ 31.99
20 hours 30 minutes
Charles Ashworth, the bishop of Starbridge, is a man of great accomplishment, confidence, and conviction, with a reputation as a no-nonsense bishop - until his beloved wife dies.
Red and the Black, The
Stendhal; translated by Lloyd C. Parks
$ 27.99
18 hours 24 minutes
This classic tale of love, ambition and betrayal set in Restoration France features one of the most complex heroes in all of literature.
The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
$ 11.99
3 hours 15 minutes
The image of America as a melting pot has given way to a cult of ethnicity. Pulitzer Prize-winner historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. argues that this could fragment our society to a dangerous degree
Thomas Edison - Famous People
$ 0.99
5 minutes
Learn about the life and inventions of Thomas Edison with iMindsJNR audio learning series for younger minds.
Red Sky in the Morning
Margaret Dickinson
$ 12.14
3 hours and 13 min.
In a drunken haze and scarcely realising what he is doing, Eddie takes desperate, bedraggled Anna home, even though his wife is a tyrant, who will believe the worst....
Tangled Threads
Margaret Dickinson
$ 12.14
3 hours and 16 min.
Eveleen Hardcastle loves her life on the farm with her parents and brother. But when her lover rejects her and the family is forced to move, she makes a stunning discovery about her mother's past....
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