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John Stott on the Bible and the Christian Life
Audio Book  John Stott on the Bible and the Christian Life
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Five Stars
Categories :  Christian Audio Books
Religion & Spiritual
John Stott on the Bible and the Christian Life by John Stott
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Book Publisher :  Zondervan
Author :  John Stott
Narrator :  John Stott
Length :  4 hours 45 minutes ( )
Download Price :  12.99
Format :  Downloadable Audio Book
© Zondervan

Six penetrating sessions by foremost Christian thinker John R. W. Stott address areas central to Christian faith and Christian living.

Stott sheds light on the authority of the Bible, the “dual-author” nature of the Bible, biblical interpretation, the problem of culture, developing a Christian mind, and making an impact on society.

John Stott On The Bible And The Christian Life

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