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Civil Crocker Guide Guide™ History Incorrect Politically South author battlefields best-selling bunkers charges columnist great military ready rebel rousing through  

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Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Civil War, The
Audio Book  Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Civil War, The
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Five Stars
Categories :  Military History Audios
History Audio Books
Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Civil War, The by H. W. Crocker III
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Book Publisher :  Blackstone Audio Inc
Author :  H. W. Crocker III
Narrator :  Bill Wallace
Length :  12 hours (Unabridged)
Download Price :  22.99
Format :  Downloadable Audio Book
© Blackstone Audio Inc

"I had supposed it wasn't possible these days to talk reasonably, as well as informatively, about our great national cataclysm, Civil War. H. W. Crocker III brings off that extraordinary feat with style, verve, and wit" - William Murchison, nationally syndicated columnist

"In short order, Harry Crocker has lifted the modern veil of misinformation surrounding the major actors in the [Civil] War. Here is the War, warts and all, for everyone to see" - Brion McClanahan, Ph.D. in American History, University of South Carolina

"Great scholarship, great storytelling, and great fun" - Wesley Pruden, editor emeritus of the Washington Times and political columnist

Get ready for a rousing rebel yell as best-selling author H. W. Crocker III charges through bunkers and battlefields in The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Civil War. Crocker busts myths and shatters stereotypes as he profiles eminent and colorful military generals, revealing little-known truths, like why Robert E. Lee had a higher regard for African-Americans than Lincoln did.

Crocker culminates his tome in the most politically incorrect chapter of all: "What If the South Had Won." This is the "P.I." Guide that every Civil War buff and Southern partisan will want on their bookshelf, in their classroom, and under their Christmas tree.

Politically Incorrect Guide™ To The Civil War, The

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