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Sisterhood, The (Abridged)
Audio Book  Sisterhood, The (Abridged)
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Five Stars
Categories :  Fiction Audio Books
Sisterhood, The (Abridged) by Michael Palmer
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Book Publisher :  Brilliance Audio Inc
Author :  Michael Palmer
Narrator :  J. Charles
Length :  6 hours (Abridged)
Download Price :  24.99
Format :  Downloadable Audio Book
© Brilliance Audio Inc
Inside Boston Doctors Hospital, patients are dying. In the glare of the operating room, they survive the surgeon's knife. But in the dark, hollow silence of the night, they die. Suddenly, inexplicably, horribly. A tough, bright doctor will risk his very life for a dedicated young nurse who unknowingly holds the answers.

Sisterhood, The (Abridged)

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