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Yes Minister Volume 3
Audio Book  Yes Minister Volume 3
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Five Stars
Categories :  Humor Audios
Yes Minister Volume 3 by Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay
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Book Publisher :  BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Author :  Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay
Narrator :  Full Cast
Length :  1 hour 50 minutes ( )
Download Price :  4.75
Format :  Downloadable Audio Book
© BBC Audiobooks Ltd

Four episodes of machinations and manipulation from the classic BBC political satire.

The Compassionate Society/The Greasy Pole/The Skeleton in the Cupboard/A Question of Loyalty

The sustained dry wit of the dialogue and the wonderful interplay between the three main characters – Jim Hacker, Sir Humphrey and Bernard Wooley – made Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay’s satirical comedy compulsive viewing.

The strength of the writing makes these audios a joy to listen to.

Yes Minister Volume 3

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